What We All Need To Learn From September 11th

I pointed out in my last post how scared the victims must have been who were trapped in the world trade center on September 11th, 2001. At times like those when the threat of death strikes us unexpectedly, we human beings tend to cling stubbornly to whatever form of hope presents itself, worried sick what might happen to us if the things we are trusting in prove incapable of saving us. On the other hand, however, when death threatens us expectedly, when we grow old slowly and face a death of “natural causes,” we are able to face our fate much more calmly. One must admit that this is somewhat paradoxical. One would think that the threat of sudden death by an accident would be less scary because there is a chance of survival, whereas death by old age would cause more fear because there is absolutely no escaping it (unless you die in an accident first). But the opposite is true: people are more scared of the former because they are afraid to die now, whereas people who are slowly deteriorating fool themselves into always thinking that death is still a long ways off.
The lesson we need to learn from September 11th is that we never know when death could strike. It makes sense to be prepared. You may not know exactly when you are going to die, but one thing is certain: you WILL die! So why not stop and think about heaven and hell now? Perhaps you are avoiding these questions because you want to make the most of your chance to enjoy life, but what if this enjoyment puts your eternal soul in jeopardy? Obviously, what happens after death matters how we live our lives now. If you can prove to yourself that there is no afterlife, then yes, it makes sense to live “for the moment.” However, if you’re wrong, you will spend the rest of eternity sorry that you wasted the time that you had. So you had better get out your Bible and start reading it. Find out what religion, if any, is really true, and find out what God expects you to do with your life. I believe that God will give you the answer if you really, truly, want to find it. He wants to give you a life worth living. So start searching. The rest of your life is counting down. The clock is ticking.


I was not there to watch them stare
Destruction in the eyes,
Or ask the dead what filled their head
When life lost its disguise.
But nonetheless I’ll try to guess
The questions that they met,
So folks like you can think them through
With all the time you get.

(Excerpt from Chapter Four of the September 11th Epic Poem).


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