The Reason That Christians Condemn Things Other People Do And Say

            Someone asked me recently to imagine a world where people are not constantly butting heads against each other. He told me to think what it would be like if opinionated people like myself learned to be “for” something instead of being “against” something. So I closed my eyes, leaned back in my chair and envisioned the following.

            I imagined that I was in a world where I decided that I was no longer AGAINST child slavery; But I was FOR child freedom.  In this imaginary world, I traveled around the globe tracking down kidnapped children and freeing them from their evil masters. However, I never did anything to hinder the thugs who were kidnapping them. I didn’t report them to the police. I didn’t want the thugs to be executed, jailed, or fined, in their respective countries.  After all, they were not my enemies. I had no enemies.  As a result, the thugs kept kidnapping more children.  But I worked even harder and was able to free the children just as quickly as they were being kidnapped.  In the end, I was so successful at freeing children, that every child in the world was free.  The problem is that they all had been raped once or twice in the meantime.  

       Then I imagined, again, that I was not AGAINST murder, but that I was FOR living. This time I traveled around the world telling people to eat their vegetables, lose weight, and even, if necessary, carry a side arm to scare of potential murderers. But I did not try to have the murderers punished or condemned as criminals.  The result was that more people were healthy and fit, and that those who escaped violent deaths were living longer.  But the overall life expectancy dropped because more people were getting killed.  The serial killers kept on doing what they do because they were never put away. In fact, everyday people became murderers because no one believed it was right to tell them that murder was wrong.

            These examples clearly show the danger of ignoring evil.  Unfortunately, more and more people these days are falling for this disastrous line of thinking.  Their goal, which is honorable enough, is to produce a world where law enforcement is not necessary because everyone sees the wisdom of not harming each other.  Apparently they think that if we choose to get along with everyone around us, then we will be the kind of role-model that people need in order to learn to live together peacefully as they imagine we can.  But this will not happen because people are evil. In the war of ideas, the “bad guys” will not stop shooting just because the “good guys” lay down their guns.  The people who claim we should all live together are in effect blaming the war of ideas on anyone who holds a gun.  But if the good guys stop shooting, these ignorant people will be among the first to feel the consequences.

            As a Christian, and a believer in absolute truth, I feel obliged to be “against” many things. I am against murder, infidelity, drunkenness, lying, and disrespecting one’s parents.  But I am for much more.  I am “for” showing compassion to everybody, feeding the poor, protecting the weak, adopting the orphans.

            True Christianity is a powerful religion because it accepts the fact that everyone is evil. But it also teaches that God loves everybody, and that we as Christians are obligated to love everybody as well.  What this means practically, is that I must love the murderer, the rapist, or the drunkard, even while I am condemning him for what he is doing. After all, I am not telling him that I am better than him: I am a sinner too. As a human being I am capable of doing things that are much worse than he has ever done. Only God’s grace has kept me from continually sinking lower and lower into a morass of sin. But I will not excuse him for his crimes, which are horrible. I will point him, instead, to the cross of Christ, where He can find forgiveness directly from God through faith and repentance.


3 Responses to “The Reason That Christians Condemn Things Other People Do And Say”

  1. 1 Harold James July 15, 2010 at 3:05 am

    Daniel, I think that your writing is great. I think that you are truly compassionate in the things that you believe. I would not change a thing about you or your beliefs if I had the chance.
    There is always a big “but” behind any compliments (and not hollow by the way!)like the ones I have bestowed upon you. The “but” is to open up your mind and your heart further than even you have discussed or perhaps even thought.
    I made a mistake by not reading your blog posts before responding to the comments that you left on mine. For that I truly apologize, as I should have been more cognizant of your beliefs and feelings before I ever responded to your criticisms of mine.
    Now I understand a little better where your beliefs lie. I respect your beliefs even though they are not necessarily mine. I look forward to our thoughtful discussions, in the future.

    Even Now Alive and Thriving in my Gaping Hole,


  2. 2 9/11 epic poet July 15, 2010 at 3:43 am

    Thanks for your thoughtful response, and thanks for checking out my blog.


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