The September 11th Epic Poem: Painful memories

And later on when daylight’s gone
            We’ll gather once again,
And take the chance to laugh and dance
            With fam’ly, folk, and friends.
We’ll light the wood that smells so good,
            With tinder crisp and dry;
And all the sparks will swim like sharks
            In oceans of the sky.
But is it right to joke all night
            Forgetting what we’ve learned?
When widows weep and still can’t sleep
            For husbands crushed or burned?
We’ll pause, perhaps, amidst some lapse,
            And say a private prayer;
And wish the best for those depressed
            For someone slaughtered there.
We all mean well; it’s hard to tell
            The thing to do these days.
We each reflect with great respect,
            But in our diff’rent ways.
Now some will preach and make a speech,
            Or talk about the war;
While others strive to live their lives
            The way they were before.
(Excerpt from the Prologue of the September 11th Epic Poem)

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