False Religion in the September 11th Epic Poem

But all the rest pursue a quest
            Of power and control.
The god they serve in pious verve
            Is just their selfish soul.
They way they vent their true intent
            Is really not complex:
They show their cards by grasping hard
            For money, fame, or sex.
They grab the youth who search for truth
            And promise them the world,
And plant a rage at such an age
            That gets their pupils killed.
They tell their crew they have to do 
            The will of God who reigns,
But once they’re cowed they’re not allowed
            To even use their brains.
But God is love who will not shove
            The weak and poor away.
These ones so dear can surely hear
            The things He has to say.
When faith is true the light comes through
            And floods the needy mind,
But those who play to make them stray         
            Have something else to find
(Excerpt from chapter 9)

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