September 11th Epic poem: Next time lets not have any cheering.

The following is an excerpt from chapter 15 of the September 11th Epic Poem. The Poem was written between June 2008 and May 2010. It is 2,000 lines long and has 1,499 rhyming pairs. The last line in the first stanza below is referring to the citizens of certain countries that cheered in the streets when they heard about the attacks. This is not justified, regardless of whether or not you agree with American foreign policy at the time.


The morning sun was still quite young
            As news began to spread.
Reporters guessed at very best[17]
            Some thousands still were dead.
Around the world the airwaves filled
            With faces full of tears.
So many cried for those who died,
            While others shouted cheers.[18]
We looked around at zero ground
            A second time that day;
Amazed within at what had been
            Completely blown away.
Beyond this wake the world would shake
            As TV cam’ras probed.
We watched it prime in real time
            In homes around the globe.
Initial views that filled the news
            Were taken from the air.
They shocked our heads with coverage
            Of all that wasn’t there.
And later when the cam’ra men
            Could make it in on foot,
They’d film that charred, yet famous shard
            Protruding through the soot.

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