Just War theory in the September 11th Epic Poem

THe Following is an excerpt from chapter 15 of the September 11th Epic Poem. The Poem was written between June 2008 and May 2010. It is 2,000 lines long and contains 1,499 rhyming pairs.
Without a word we each concurred
            In what we understood:
That this attack was aimed right at
            Our human brotherhood[19].                           
When evil’s done then ev’ry one
            Must speak for those who die:
 We all agreed this dreadful deed
            Deserved a strong reply.
We knew, of course, that things much worse,
            May happen year to year.
But this does not excuse one jot
            Of what we witnessed here.
We know that more would die in war,
            Or driving in their car;
But those who kill to prove their will
            Have clearly gone too far.
To tolerate this kind of hate
            Would be an ugly sin.
It is not wise to shut ones eyes,
            And let the bad guys win.
Of course I know it’s sensible
            To let the small things slide;
But when the crime has crossed a line,
            We dare not duck and hide.
Our land was built when blood was spilt
            To challenge what was wrong.
On diff’rent ground, we sometimes found,
            We could not get along.
We fought to save our brother slave,
            We fought to save ourselves:
We fought to cure a hemisphere,
            Where Hitler worked his spells.
We’ve always been the kind of kin
            Who’ve pointed the frauds.
Espec’lly when the guilty men
            Attacked our native sod.
We’ve come to know since long ago
            You can’t accept the claim,
That both the sides when two collide
            Are equally to blame.  
Our wish for peace should not decrease
            Our willingness to fight.
We never know which secret foe
            May have us in their sights.
We hope and pray each dawning day
            For peace at least for now;
But plan, so when, we fight again,
            We’ll still remember how.

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