Where were you on September 11th?

The Following is an excerpt from Chapter 15 of the September 11th Epic Poem. The poem was written between June of 2008 and May of 2010. It is 2,000 lines long, and includes 1,499 rhyming pairs.
For as they talked survivors walked,
            Like mummies from their tombs.
And horrors streamed through giant screens,
            Into our living rooms.
In office halls with cube-shaped walls
            The crowds began to lurk,
And no one cared that people stared
            Instead of doing work.
The janitor who scrubbed the floor
            Released his broom and mop.
The office clerk who never shirked
            Let all his deadlines drop.
The chubby necks of chief execs
            Could barely move an inch,
While eyes and ears on engineers
            Refused to even flinch. 
Without a word we each concurred
            In what we understood:
That this attack was aimed right at
            Our human brotherhood[19].                           
When evil’s done then ev’ry one
            Must speak for those who die:
 We all agreed this dreadful deed
            Deserved a strong reply.

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