Why adults are so dumb

The following is an excerpt from chapter 16 of the September 11th Epic Poem. The Poem was written between June 2008 and May 2010. It is 2,000 lines long, and has 1,499 rhyming pairs.
When kids grow up they learn to strut
            As if they’re really smart.
They land a job that pays a gob
            And learn to play the part.
They start to speak with bits of Greek[20] 
            Or Latin in a string;
And hide their gaffes in paragraphs
            That hardly mean a thing.
The end result’s that each adult
            Is dumber than he knows.
For as his years dispel his fears           
            His confidence still grows.
He’ll build a box with heavy locks,
            To hold a languished id;
And there he’ll pitch, the lessons, which,
            He studied as a kid.

1 Response to “Why adults are so dumb”

  1. 1 Vinod September 4, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    I am just thinking… thinking.. thinking… why adults are so dumb? No comments for now..!

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