September 11th Epic Poem Chapter 17

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN (A Definite Conclusion)
A human brain destroyed by pain
            Will often gripe at God,
Who must have guilt because He built
            A world that’s clearly flawed.
In times of grief there’s no relief
            In other people’s bliss:
It makes the curse just that much worse
            For those who go through this.
But God above has proved his love
            By planning an escape:
To fix in full the damaged soul
            That’s scarred by Satan’s rape.            
Like firemen responding when
            They hear a victim’s voice,
So God will rush to people crushed
            By someone else’s choice.
He’s not to blame that humans maim
            Their brothers and their friends.
Or that we choose to often use
            His gifts for selfish ends.
We’ve all been born in hate and scorn,
            As captives to our sin;[22]
But God who’s fair will take good care
            Of those who let Him win.
The deeds we’ve done beneath the sun
            Are filled with hate and vice.
Where justice stands the law demands
            That someone pays the price.
The laws decree a penalty
             Your heart knows very well:
That in the end you’ll have to spend
            Eternity in hell.
Now most will fight against this plight
            By sometimes doing good.
They’ll feed the poor who find their door
            Because they know they should.
But still their souls are bursting full
            With doubts they can’t describe,
As fingers grope to find some hope 
            That God accepts their bribe.
But there’s no way these games you play
            Eliminate your crimes.
They never serve to change the curve
            You’ve set at other times.
You try to claim some noble aim
            Absolves you of your flaw; 
But this, you know, would never go
            In any court of law.
For if you were a murderer
            They’d never set you free,
Because your wealth or days of health
            Were used for charity.
The jurors there would hardly care
            How all of it was spent,
As if your dimes could pay for crimes
            And make you innocent!
So do not try the day you die
            To hand the Lord a list.
The secret stash you plan to cash
            Mostly likely won’t exist.
To pay the debt with what you get
            Is something that you can’t:
The only way to get away
            Is if you have a grant.
For God who reigns has long ordained
            That all should have a chance:[23]
Not just the one who might have done        
            Their quota in advance.                      
He died for those who once opposed
            His justice with their sin:
He leaves the door wide open for
            These losers to come in.
And so one day this wretched clay
            Received a gift from God.
His Holy Son, the sinless one,
            Came down where sinners trod.
He lived like us, He earned our trust,
            Through power and through love.
He proved that He was Deity,
            But acted like a dove.
Despite His name our Maker came
            To take on flesh and die.
He set aside his rightful pride
            For those who kill and lie.
We did not wait or hesitate
            To heap on our abuse:
Enraged at heart we all took part
            As pagans or as Jews[24].
But Jesus’ ears ignored our cheers
            That night we were his foes.
He looked for friends, but not revenge,
            The morning when He rose.
Instead of strife he gave out life
            To those he could destroy,
Our new belief transformed our grief
            Abruptly into joy.
But then you shout: “Oh what about,
            The ones who’ve never heard?
Will God condemn the lot of them
            Without a single word?”
Your lips declare that God’s not fair
            To those who have no clue,
But this excuse has zero use
            For all the rest like you!
For now you know the way to go
            When sins begin to haunt.
If love and cheer devoid of fear
            Is really what you want.           
But if you wait or vacillate
            Be wary of the cause:
When lust and pride make you decide
            You want to keep your flaws.




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