A Christian Poem about September 11th

The September 11th Epic Poem is a Christian poem about the 9/11 tragedies. It seeks to communicate the hope of the gospel in the midst of the uncertainty of life. The following is an excerpt from the second half of the poem. You can read the entire poem on this site for free.

Our minds possess a hungriness                   
            For something more complete,
Than bread and milk and beds of silk
            And leather for our feet. 
We need to try before we die
            To get our hopes resolved;
But truth is masked by questions asked
            That science cannot solve.
We need to know before we go
            What happens in the end:
If all, or none, or certain ones
            Will someday live again.
Should nature’s laws become the cause       
            Of all the things we do?
Or will the Lord, himself, reward
            The friend who’s kind and true?
For centuries we’ve tried to tease
            The answer out in parts,
Convinced some day we’d find a way         
            By virtue of our smarts.                    
But when in time we could not find
            The answer with our head;
We sulked and hedged, and then alleged,
            That God was clearly dead.
If God exists he might persist                                 
            In telling us himself.
But on our own it can’t be known,                                           
            Despite how hard we delve.
If there’s a chance our Maker grants
            A path to truth and grace,
We owe our sons and everyone’s
            To see if that’s the case.
But finding balms to cure our qualms
            Is hard for modern eyes.
The sacred texts of all the sects
            Are seen as earnest lies.
We cope with grief and disbelief
            While hurtling towards death.
One hundred years of growing fears
            Have left us out of breath.

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