OPEN LETTER to Tecumseh Free Will Baptist Church, Tecumseh Mi

To all church congregations in the Midwestern United States:

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

There are many people today who think that they are going to heaven because they are living decent lives. They think that because they give money to charity, feed the poor, are baptized, and partake of communion, that God will reward them with peace and happiness for eternity.

But there is only one path to heaven, and many of those who attend church regularly and do the things mentioned above are not on it. The only way to heaven is through the blood of Jesus Christ. In order to be saved you must believe in the sacrifice of Jesus. You must believe that He is God, that He died for your sins, and that He rose from the dead. You must believe that Jesus is a real person and that the events recorded in the Bible literally happened. If Jesus did not really die on the cross and rise again, then your faith is completely useless.

True faith also includes true repentance. Jesus said that those who do not repent will perish. God promises to forgive us if we confess our sins to Him. But if we say that we have no sin, or that we can believe in Him without changing our ways, we are lying. If you are a true Christian with true faith you will despise your sin and turn from it.

Those who are true Christians must continue to read their Bible and attend church regularly. They must constantly grow in thankfulness towards God and mature in their faith by learning pure doctrine. They must protect themselves by shunning the error of false teachers.

True Christians must also care for other believers, who are their brothers and sisters in Christ. They must pray for each other constantly, and confess their sins to each other. They must show each other hospitality and fellowship with one another. They must support each other spiritually and financially when the need arises. They must always treat each other with love, and be willing to hold each other accountable when they fall into sin.

Finally, they must also behave peacefully towards those who are unbelievers. They must love all unbelievers and pray for them. They must show them their love by telling them about the love of God. They must accept hate and mistreatment from unbelievers without retaliating. They must pray for their enemies, and give financial support to the poor.

These things must be done by any congregation that truly loves God and their fellow humans. I hope this letter will encourage you to grow in your faith and commitment to God.

In Jesus’ name,

Daniel Schilling


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