Finite actions have infinite results

That date, well known, is etched in stone, on far too many tombs;

And ev’ry year these thoughts draw near when mid-September looms.

(Excerpt from the Prologue of the 9/11 Epic Poem)

One of the main points of the 2nd half of stanza three is that finite actions have infinite results. In a finite sense September 11th 2001 was simply a twenty-four-hour period of time, and yet no one can deny that these few hours brought about eternal consequences. Many lives stopped that day as a result of the actions taken by the hijackers, and many were saved by the heroism of the passengers aboard flight 93. We need to remember this truth every day of our lives. The things we do with our time and money are not finite, because they affect the lives and decisions of other eternal beings created in the image of God.




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