Why still bring up September 11th?

But now’s the time to sip the lime and bask in summer’s breath.

It seems so rude when thoughts intrude reminding us of death.

(Excerpt from the Prologue of the 9/11 Epic Poem)

Why bring up 9/11 after all these years? Why should we not simply forget about it and go back to sipping softdrinks as the poem says? The reason I bring it up is in case some people have not learned the lesson yet: the lesson of human mortality. Yes, good, sunny laid-back days are alright as long as you have allowed yourself to be changed by the bad days. But many people refuse to be changed by the bad days, and go back to an attitude of relaxation without finding a satisfactory answer to the ultimate questions. My point for this poem is simple: THE ULTIMATE QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!


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